Nitrogen / Oxygen Generation Unit

Nitrogen is an industrial gas vastly existing in the nature with various applications in industry such as Ammonia production, as inert gas on Oxygen sensitive matters, storage tanks blanketing and Oil and Gas pipelines inerting in order to pressurize or to reduce oxygen content, etc. Nitrogen is used in both gas or liquid states and would be produced using different methods as followings:

  • CryogenicMethod

Cryogenic method is usually used to produce liquid Nitrogen in large scale. This method works based on compression, cooling, drying and flash expansion of air. After partial liquefaction, the air enters the cryogenic distillation tower to separate Nitrogen based on different boiling points of the components. In addition to direct production of Gaseous Nitrogen, if further gaseous Nitrogen is required, an evaporator will be used to vaporize liquid Nitrogen into gaseous Nitrogen using surrounding environment heat.

  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

In this method, by passing air through a molecular sieve adsorbent bed, Oxygen and other gases molecules are trapped and high purity Nitrogen will pass through. Only gaseous Nitrogen would be produced by this method. By changing the type of the Molecular Sieve, Oxygen can be also produced using this method.


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