Salt removal and Regeneration of Chemical Solutions units

  • MEG Reclamation

The existing salt from oil and gas wells which are usually dissolved in MEG solution, will cause choking filters, reducing throughput of heat exchangers, corrosion in transferring pipeline and equipment, reducing the efficiency of heat exchangers as well as wasting lots of MEG. To fix such problem, MEG Reclamation Unit would be utilized in which under vacuum condition, MEG would be totally vaporized and salts in concentrated solution would be removed as solution or as solids. MEG will be free of any salt. The process used by this company, is currently limited under the control of a few International reputable companies.

  • TEG Reclamation

In Salt removal and purification of TEG, all the impurities including salts, Ions dissolved due to corrosion, hydrocarbon condensates and used corrosion inhibitors would be separated from TEG solution. These impurities will firstly reduce dehydration capacity of the gas and secondly increase TEG loss in the system more than the allowable value.

  • Amine Reclamation

In Amine Reclamation unit, the impurities including heat stable salts and other substances/ ions which are carried from upstream facilities or the salt available in Amine diluting water are being removed.


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